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About Armpit Dating

We at love armpits, it's that simple. So, we made a dating site dedicated to creating a community of people with our same love to smell armpits. Our armpit community never sleeps, you can sign in anytime day or night and have a discreet secret encounter with a scent motivated girl or guy.

You should join free today if:

  • + You enjoy sniffing and licking armpits.
  • + You want to hookup with locals who share your fetish.
  • + You barely wear antiperspirant.
  • + You prefer trimmed or hairy pit.
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Sweaty Armpits

Some people just enjoy sweaty smelly armpits. Licking and kissing them is a super turn on. The men and ladies into this fetish love the body odor. There have been many articles over the years that theorize armpits are naturally tied to sexuality due to the pheromones. Sniffing armpits can be best right after she been exercising at the gym or running.

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